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"Our goal is to make this a place that animal lovers will bookmark for conversation and useful information."
About Us
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Mindy Schwartz

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Mindy Schwartz has shared more than half her life with pets, from Fritz the cat she kept hidden in her college dorm for a semester to the current canine duo, Alma and Wrangler. 

Both dogs were raised for Canine Companions, a nationally recognized service dog organization, but they each decided they'd rather be pets.

Mindy has a certificate in Companion Pet Nutrition from Southern Illinois University which required an internship at a full-service veterinary clinic. She has published articles on many subjects including animal health and nutrition.

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Arden Moore

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Arden Moore is America's Pet Health and Safety Coach.  She is a best-selling pet author, host of the "Oh Behave" show on Pet Life Radio, and a master-certified pet first aid & CPR instructor.

Learn more at and

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Cohen Galich

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Jenn Cohen Galich has spent a lifetime surrounded by 4-legged companions. From loving her childhood pets, to caring for rescue dogs at local shelters, and now doting on them as the absolute favorites of all her children, Jenn could not imagine life without pups.  

She resided in Texas with her husband, her two human children and her two fur babies, who, surprisingly don't bark with a southern accent.


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Rena Korb is a writer and political activist. Despite being an animal lover, severe allergies kept her at a distance, and she did not get her first pet — a crayfish — until she was in her 40s.


Over time, she realized that she was no longer allergic to guinea pigs, and she and her family adopted their first fur babies.


She lives in San Mateo, California, with her husband, two teenagers, and three guinea pigs. Her favorite animals include penguins, zebras, pandas and wombats.

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