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Holiday Hints From The 4 Legged Balance Crew

I'd like to introduce you to the staff here at 4 Legged Balance - Alma, Wrangler & Rocky. Rocky is a 12 year old rescue who we adopted when he was 2 months old. We raised Alma & Wrangler for Canine Companions for Independence ( an amazing organization that provides highly trained service dogs that are given to the recipients for free.

We all had a great Thanksgiving. Two of our guests were children under the age of three, and the dogs thought they smelled wonderful! Big loud dogs can easily scare small children, so we made sure to have new dog toys available for when the guests arrived. The toys distracted the dogs for long enough for everyone to get comfortable.

Our dinner was delicious, and each dog got a very small piece of turkey. Since they've learned not to beg, Rocky, Alma and Wrangler were allowed to hang out in the dining room with us while we ate. In previous years, when the pups were young, and not so well-behaved, they were crated so that we could eat dinner in peace. A crate is a necessity when you are raising puppies.

The holidays bring lots of joy, but they are also a dangerous time for pets. Turkey bones can shatter and cause damage to a pet's digestive tract. Chocolate can be toxic to your pets. Cats have been known to knock over Christmas trees, or menorahs with lit candles. It's a good idea to know the contact information for your local animal emergency hospital. Here in San Diego County there are two good hospitals that offer emergency care - Veterinary Specialty Hospital ( ) in Sorrento Valley and San Marcos, and VCA California Veterinary Specialists ( in Carlsbad. If you are in a different area, please feel free to comment with a link to your local pet emergency hospital.

All of us here at 4 Legged Balance wish you a very Happy Holiday! I am very thankful for you, the people who have given me the opportunity to help your pets lead healthy, balanced lives.

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1 Comment

Mindy Schwartz
Mindy Schwartz
Dec 02, 2019

Hi Mindy, thanks for the turkey bone reminder!

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