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Is Your Dog Getting Too Many Treats?

Most of us spoil our pets. Even if we are cutting back on their food in order to help them lose weight, many people find it harder to deny our pets their favorite, high-calorie treats. Today I'm just going to discuss dogs, because they and cats react to some foods differently.

Here are some suggestions for treats that will make your dogs feel spoiled, while keeping them healthy and fit.

  • If you feel like investing in a dehydrator, you can make delicious dried fruit. This is a good snack for both dogs and their humans. If you'd rather not buy a dehydrator, Dehydrator Spot has instructions on dehydrating fruits in your oven, toaster, microwave or in the sun. You'll find the information here:

  • If your pet has strong, adult teeth, ice cubes can be a fun and calorie-free treat. My dogs Alma and Wrangler come running whenever I open the freezer.

  • Break up their favorite treats into tiny pieces. I used to give each of my dogs a whole cookie, but now I break one into three sections and they each get a third. Dogs really don't care about quantity, they just want a yummy snack!

  • Make your dogs "work" for their treats. Using a treat as a training incentive give them extra motivation to follow your commands. A tiny bit is usually enough to get their attention.


Please sign in and tell us your dog's favorite healthy treats. You won't be spammed, I just want to start a conversation that will be helpful to dog lovers everywhere.

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