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What Are Your Hopes For Your Pets in 2020?

Common wisdom used to be that each year that a cat or dog lived was equivalent to seven human years. Current research has shown this really isn't true. You can use this link to calculate how old your pet really is in human years: .

The truth is that dogs and cats cram a lot of living into a relatively short number of years. In order to be sure that they stay healthy and happy at any age it's important to be alert to any changes in their physical condition and nutritional needs. If you ever have any questions about your pets' nutrition, I'm here to help.

In 2020 I'd like this space to become a community of pet lovers. Please share the highlights of your pets' 2019, and then tell us your plans and hopes for the New Year. You will have to sign in, but I promise that you won't be signing up to receive any spam.

I'll go first...

Pictured above are my dogs, Rocky, Alma and Wrangler.

Rocky will be 13 years old in 2 months. That means that in people years he is 82 years old.

Alma is 5 years old, which makes her 38 years old in people years.

Wrangler is 2 years old, which means he is 16 in people years.

Having 3 dogs, especially when one is a senior, means a lot of trips to the vet, but 2019 was a good year for our dogs. They were all mostly healthy and happy. Wrangler, who started the year as a puppy-in-training for Canine Companions for Independence ( became our very happy forever pet, or as we CCI puppy raisers like to call them, a "change of career" dog.

My wish for all pets is health and happiness. I resolve to feed each of mine the healthiest diets I can, with recipes that have been created to address their specific health needs. My resolutions also include brushing their teeth, taking them for walks, giving them lots of love and making sure they visit the vet and get their required vaccinations or titers.

In 2020 and the future, I resolve to keep you informed about the latest research on pet nutrition, and updated on any pet food recalls. I'd like 4 Legged Balance to be your "go-to" site for any questions about your pet's diet. Let's work together to have happy and healthy pets no matter how old they are in dog, or people, years.

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