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What Does a Pet Nutritionist Do?

I’m often asked, “what does a pet nutritionist do?” Well, I help pet owners make well-informed decisions about feeding their dogs, cats and rabbits.

The average American pet owner spends more that $1,500 a year on food - and those numbers continue to increase every year. Are you getting your money’s worth from your pet food regimen? If you’re not sure, you are not alone.

Understanding the nexus between your animal’s needs and what is commercially available can be complicated. The market is flooded with pet food varieties, and it’s not always clear what is the best choice for your pet. The ingredient and guaranteed analysis labels are often confusing. Pet nutritionists have some special skills that can be very helpful in this area. We will design a nutrition plan specific to your pet’s needs. Whether it’s the right brand of commercial food or, if you cook, a balanced homemade recipe, a nutrition plan is a valuable asset.

Creating a nutrition plan is a 4 Step Process...

  • Step One: I ask a bunch of questions, for example, “Do you cook or buy your pet food?”,” What’s your pet’s breed, weight?” and “Are there any health issues?”

  • Step Two: I do research, which can take several hours or several days. I search through an academic science library database for journal articles and reports which will allow me to pinpoint specific nutritional information related to the health of your pet, and I make a list of nutritional requirements.

  • Step Three: Once I have decided what to recommend, I create a recipe for the home cook. For pet food buyers, I find 4 or 5 high-quality commercial brands and analyze the listed ingredients and guaranteed analysis to meet my criteria.

  • Step Four: I calculate the daily calorie requirement for the animal, and then recommend the appropriate amount of each food to provide as a daily ration.

I'm here to help you provide your pets with the food that best meets their needs. Achieving optimum health through a balanced diet is the primary goal of 4 Legged Balance.

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