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Join 4 Legged Balance - A Community for All Pet-Lovers

Two years ago I wrote a piece entitled ”What Are Your Hopes For Your Pets in 2020?

In that article I expressed my desire for 4 Legged Balance to become a community of pet lovers, and my hope that I could use my education in animal nutrition to create a business designing healthy diets for pets.

A lot has changed in the last two years. A few months after I published that piece, the world stopped as the first wave of Covid-19 swept across the planet. All of the scheduled events where I planned to promote 4 Legged Balance were canceled, and I soon learned that in a pandemic economy few people were interested in paying for the consulting services I offered.

So, here we are in 2022 and I am still hopeful that this space can become a community of pet lovers. Please share your experiences with your pets during 2020 and 2021, and then tell us your plans and hopes for the New Year. You will have to sign in, but I promise that you won't be signing up to receive any spam.

Let's talk about how much our pets loved having us home all of the time and how they are reacting to their people returning to life outside. If you've adopted a new pet, or like me, lost a beloved companion, please share your stories with us. We'd also love to hear from cat and rabbit lovers or anyone else with four-legged friends. I'm also happy to answer your questions about animal nutrition though I’ve ended my consulting business.

We have some fantastic contributors joining us here. Arden Moore, “America's Pet Health and Safety Coach” and a best-selling pet author, will be sharing her insights on life with pets. Rena Korb will continue to discuss fostering pregnant guinea pigs and their adorable babies. She will also be telling us about her search for the "perfect" hypoallergenic dog.

My biggest hope for 2022 is that in addition to the contributors we've lined up, YOU will join us too.

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